Epic games at our Boston TechJam pop-up tournament


A little work, a lot of play.

In the spirit of "if you work, you must play," his year we decided to host a pop-up tournament at Boston TechJam. The day ended up being a little work (we took a half day!) and a lot of play–we ended up having over 150 matches played in 5 hours!

You didn't make it to Epic Ping Pong at Boston TechJam? Let's catch you up on what you missed. Our tournaments always have two teams, this time it was Products vs. Services. Anyone could sign up for the team they wanted to represent as an individual or as doubles partners.


Team Services

This team included members from companies like CloudHealth Technologies, CrunchTime and Swagger.io. With a huge B2B SaaS presence in Boston, we knew Team Services would have strength in numbers, especially at Boston TechJam.

Team Products

Product companies in Boston used to be hard to find. In the last few years many startups and larger companies have moved to the area. Team Products included players from CarGurus, Wayfair, and LevelUp.

BTJ_images_blogpost4PHOTO 2.png

And the winners...

Team Products won the competition but a couple of amazing Great Dane dogs stole the show.  Join us for Season 3 – you don't want to miss out on epic times! Register now.



Season 3 launches in time for Summer

Finally, summer is here and we've launched Season 3 to give you more ways to play.

Closing the store

We were the last ones to host an event at Kit and Ace Boston. Now the store is gone.