Epic Ping Pong is a table tennis league for designers, developers or anyone that likes fun.

We host themed ping pong nights like Sans vs Sans Serifs, Tabs vs Spaces, and Pixels vs Pantones at office spaces throughout Boston and Cambridge.

To join the Boston/Cambridge League, simply signup to play or attend a match.



Each player must register individually.

All players join a team within the match sign-up form.

If a team is full, players may still register and join the reserve list of a team.

Players on the reserve list may be activated if there are no-shows, or if someone has to leave early.



Each team consists of eight players and a Team Captain. 

Epic Ping Pong appoints the Team Captain from the host location/organization.

Once a team is full, Doubles Partnerships are formed.

The Team Captain decides if Doubles Partnerships are created by random pairing or by request from teammates. 



Each night a three round tournament is hosted.

The three rounds of a tournament consist of a Group Stage, Semi-Finals and Finals.

During Group Stage each Doubles Partnership plays two matches.

The top four Doubles Partnerships by wins or score differential advance to the Semi-Finals.

The Finals are played and the tournament winner is determined by the end of the night.



Before each tournament the Team Captains decide on Game Play Rules that will apply for that night. These include, but not limited to:

- Do I have to throw the ball in the air before I serve it?
- How many serve attempts do I get?
- Do I always have to serve across the table?

Where a conflict exists, Epic Ping Pong will default to standards published on Wikipedia